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About Us

About Us

Luminae Partners provides platform services globally to institutional investors.
We are a division of Lighthouse Investment Partners, a diversified alternatives firm with a 22-year history of partnering with clients. Luminae offers turnkey solutions customized to client needs. 

The Luminae platform services approximately $15 billion in:

  • Managed accounts

 • Sub accounts, and

• Fund investments

The Luminae platform drives scale and mitigates the costs associated with alternative investing. Our risk and notional funding model provides clients with a structure to control funding and liquidity.


We are a committed fiduciary and proud of the trusted relationships that we have with our clients.



Rob Swan.png

Rob Swan

COO – The Lighthouse Group

Crafton Axtell.png

Crafton Axtell

Managing Director

Co-Head Operations


Remy Chaudhuri

Hedging & Co-Investment Solutions

Omkumar Enkannathan.png

Omkumar Enkannathan


Client Investment Analytics

Tilak Lal.png

Tilak Lal

Managing Director
Head of Risk

Ken Mahes.png

Ken Mahes

Managing Director

Chief Technology Officer

Seth Muse.png

Seth Muse


Client Service

Nina Fitzpatrick.png

Nina Fitzpatrick

General Counsel Luminae Partners

Paul Kiesling.png

Paul Kiesling

Managing Director
Co-Head Implementation

Kevin Lakin.png

Kevin Lakin

Managing Director

Co-Head of Operations

Jim O’Hara.png

Jim O’Hara

Managing Director
Co-Head Implementation



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